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Technical Specifications

The specifications below are presented as a guideline for our products. Portico Doors specializes in custom orders therefore it is possible to modify some specification to match our customers' needs. Please contact us for a free consultation at

  • Our products are made out of 14 gauge steel and mostly with solid iron bars of 5/8".
  • All doors are pre-hung units.
  • Door and Jamb thicknesses are 1-1/2". Upgrade to 2" is also available.
  • Total weight depends on dimensions and ironwork design. For example, a pre-hung single door 3'w x 7'h could easily weight 150 pounds.
  • High density foam insulation is included for all entry units.
  • All entry units regardless of size come with Heavy Duty BB (ball bearing) hinges. Gates may use different type of hinges depending on size and design.
  • Flush-bolts are provided for all inactive doors on double door units.
  • The glass area has a hinged frame that opens to the inside of the house. This glass frame would be prepared for up to 1" thick glass.
  • Doors would be pre-bored for Standard locking system or 2-3/8" backset, 2-1/8" diameter, 5-1/2" center to center. Single bore with roller catch preparation is also available upon request.
  • Weather stripping for door, jamb, and window is made out of high quality foam (jamb and t-astragal), vinyl (window frame), or rubber (sweeps).
  • Bottom sill or threshold would be adjustable (oak and anodized aluminum, dark bronze finish).
  • Predrilled installation tabs are welded perpendicular to the jamb.
  • Final color is an oil based black paint with a Faux Finish decoration. The decorations are made with automotive type paint, mostly in copper, gold, aluminum, and/or a combination of them. A top clear coating is applied to provide a longer protection to your final product.
  • Wood Crating is available and recommended for customers that would not use a dedicated shipping service.
  • All orders are custom made according to Customer's specifications on dimensions, shape, and set up. Other information like jamb thickness, swing (in or out), specific active door on double doors units, glass thickness, etc., will be needed for production.
  • A CAD drawing of the unit would be provided for customer's approval prior to production.
  • Please, do not hesitate to contact us with any additional questions at

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